Opel Vectra B Tuning

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Opel Vectra B Tuning Fast Car

Opel Vectra B tuned model, street racing design of Opel Vectra B, Limited Body Kit for Opel Vectra B, Opel racing car. In August 1995, began production of the second generation, formally called the Opel Vectra B Tuning. The very fact that retain the Opel Vectra B Tuning name indicates that we are witnessing the evolutionary development machine, not a revolutionary leap. Perhaps the Opel Vectra B Tuning main event was the refusal of opelevtsev-wheel-drive versions, and the appearance of the long-awaited touring Caravan, intended to discourage customers from its main competitor - Volkswagen Passat Variant. The new Opel Vectra B Tuning from the first day of sales was offered to one of six engines and one of five levels of equipment to choose from. A year later, on a modified 2.0 DI 16V emerged the world's first turbo-diesel with four valves per cylinder and direct fuel injection. On the platform of the machine built cars from other departments Corporation General Motors - a Saab 9-5 and Saturn LS / LW.
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Opel Vectra B Tuning Car

Unlike the Japanese and Americans who every four or five years Bring outwardly brand new car, the Europeans above all appreciate the stylistic continuity. Opel Vectra B Tuning fully consistent with the tastes of the past: the Opel Vectra B Tuning has retained the key proportions of first-generation model, and therefore do not need to be cool expert to accurately identify it from afar. Car design - a typical German, "heavy", it can be seen on a sloping roof, a high belt line, thick pillars and a massive bumper. Such an fortress on wheels.
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Opel Vectra B Tuning Body Kit

Opel Vectra B Tuning looks strictly business, but democratic - the machine is quite suitable for representation purposes, and for daily trips. At the same time, the silhouette of the Opel Vectra B Tuning can be seen that a key role in shaping his image played an aerodynamic research: some "grow" out of the hood shell side mirrors, which are worth! And, indeed, drag coefficient Opel Vectra B Tuning with four-body is a great product - it is equal to 0.28, which is better than the new Volvo S80, Rover 75 and the Chevrolet Corvette C5. Last February, at the Amsterdam Motor Show, has been shown an updated machine. Externally, it differs from the 1995 Opel Vectra B Tuning grille in chrome surround, plastic bumpers and boot lid, as well as faceted rear lights. The interior looks so solid that it sometimes seems as though the Opel Vectra B Tuning was in a class above. We have identified three parts, which, oddly enough, do not play key roles, but they create a sense of prestige. This is a smooth bend the front panel, reminiscent of American Buick and Cadillac, the steering wheel with redundant controls for the radio, and a large display board computer Opel Vectra B Tuning.
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Opel Vectra B Tuning Front VIew

The Opel Vectra B Tuning first and second transmission matched very well - basically, if you hate noise of the engine, they have enough for city traffic. Because the third "alive" only to 90-100 km / h and heavy acceleration in traffic is not suitable. If we are talking about the Opel Vectra B Tuning sudden start of a sin not to try due to ASR system. On wet pavement it operates is not very convincing - allows wheels to make a few turns on the spot, and only when they have their own "groped" grip, suddenly activates the brakes.